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Cut Through the Crap, Clutter, and Confusion About ChatGPT and AI for Your Business

If you’re curious about how generative AI can help you dramatically improve your business… from operations to sales and marketing… this is for you.

If you’re interested in avoiding the pitfalls of ChatGPT that will negatively impact your business, brand, and reputation… This is for you…

Whether you’re new to the subject or think you’re already an AI expert, the strategic and tactical formulas I share in this video training are guaranteed to leverage your efforts.

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How to Uncover Your Prospect’s Pain Points to Increase Sales

Do you know how to craft compelling questions that uncover your prospect’s pain? That’s what this week’s Fordify Video episode is about— Mastering the Economic Conversation to help you get more sales at higher prices. We’ll cover how to qualify prospects by developing open-ended questions that help you close the sale.

Building Effective Sales Funnels

First, let’s get real. Sales funnels are nothing new, but with the tracking ability and impact of digital marketing, along with new automation tools on the Internet, like Leadpages, and Clickfunnels, it’s becoming a popular topic. That’s what we’re going to cover on this episode of Fordify. Watch or read below.

Delusion or Execution?

Imagine what your life would be if you chose actions and an executing strategy that were the highest and best use of your time. This week’s episode is about idea execution: how to dramatically improve the performance of you and your entire team. Watch the episode below or read the post that follows. Visit to binge […]

Improving Customer Engagement

In this high-tech day and age, marketing is more and more about personalization and the voice of your customer. It’s about improving the user experience throughout all of the points in which your customer has contact with your company. Watch this episode (or read the post below) to learn the key moments you have to […]

Enhancing Your Website User Experience

Are you making it too hard for visitors to engage with your website? Even if your website is functioning and looks good, it might not be effective from a marketing perspective. Try looking at your website through the eyes of a prospect. Is it optimized for user experience? Are you applying UX web design best […]

Targeting to Your Buyer’s Style

How would you like to know the secret formula to connecting and influencing at a deeper level?  Are you wondering how to target more effectively to your customers? Influencing buyers is not about manipulating them. It’s about establishing more effective communication. One of the best ways to do that is to apply the same concepts […]


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