Audiences are Raving about Ford Saeks!

Kim Robertson Board of Directors

You’re definitely the best guy to explain it (AI). I’ve heard stuff about this before, but you definitely explain it in a way that I understand it and how to use it.”

Izzy Hotel Owner

Betsy Hamm CEO

Erin Walter Vice President of Brand Marketing
U.S. Lawns Conference Attendees
Lisa Michael CKO Kickboxing

Tom Whitaker Retired Executive Director

“I have worked with Ford and his group for several years. Ford’s group created my website and I have hired him as a consultant. Ford is one of the most professional, intelligent, and experienced professionals I have met and I have interviewed more than 1000 of the top names in business leadership.”

Dr. Diane Hamilton Founder & CEO

“As someone who knows the franchise industry, I can say that Ford Saeks KNOWS FRANCHISING. Ford is a great resource and has helped me with my digital presence and marketing too, he’s generous and smart, and a nice guy on top of it all!”

John Francis CEO

“Thank you Ford! Ford walked us through step-by-step what we need to do to optimize our website, YouTube, Google listings and make the most of our bank marketing.

Megan Cassell CFO

I am super impressed with Ford. I am a retail business owner, and he gave me great advice on reaching customers and getting them to shop in my store or on our website.”

Ward Lundgren Owner

“Today’s Virtual Event was highly effective. Ford delivered hundred of tips. Now it is up to us to act on his advice/Knowledge. The best investment for MTY is educating its Franchises due to its business-to-business model. If Franchises do well, MTY does well. I am impressed with Ford’s Knowledge of how he answered my question personally. His experience is matchless. I am looking forward to the next session!”

Zafar Rashid Franchise Owner
Kim King Director of Training
Rich Gordon Franchisee Owner

“His style is very energetic. He’s very engaged. He really is getting everyone involved. He has a lot of really good points about getting yourself prepared, helping yourself build your own dream and how to implement those dreams to make yourself a success. He uses his own personal experiences and experiences we all could use and we all can relate to.” 

Tanya Pluckrose Owner

Ford is a lights-out phenomenal coach that helped me understand my business. All the way from value prop to sales execution. If you are an entrepreneur, you need to talk to Ford.

Brian Wagner Founder

 “I just came out of an amazing workshop. I thought I was trained well over 35 years, but this guy named Ford, he was teaching me things I not only forgot, but never knew! I filled up my entire book today with tactics and basically benefits that are going to help me grow my business strategies.”

John Barber Franchise Owner

Your ideas and strategies resulted in a 225% increase in sales over a base period and 62.5% increase over our goal for promotion.”

Bryan Fleming Sales Manager

“Ford spoke at our 2021 virtual conference and did an amazing job of passing on key action items to get to success.  Very motivating and easy to listen to!”

Wendy Harris Owner

“It was an exciting, intensive 2 day workshop that inspired us with doable possibilities. He identified the common fears of change, lot of work, conflict, and failure which was a wake-up call for me. Ford shared many practical ideas, success stories, and lessons, framed by his distinctive authentic humor. He made it fun. Careful to give credit to sources of other peoples ideas, he modeled business integrity. Even as a ‘Virtual’ participant Ford’s great knowledge, experience and personality combined to create a meaningful, inspiring learning experience for me.”

JoAnne Fleming-Valin Owner

“Amazing content that’s applicable to EVERYONE! Ford’s high energy, engaging content, and enthusiastic delivery made his presentation the most rewarding virtual time spent this pandemic. Can’t wait for the next one.”

Teresa Todd President/CEO

“We have a two-day event with Ford, our speaker and a variety of other activities planned. You know, it’s a two-day event and if we’d stopped it today on day one, we’ve already got a wealth of knowledge and content we can take home and apply, and it’s been a success already. So, thank you for that.”

Ben Lively Sales Coach

“We picked Ford Saeks out of a very elite group of keynote speakers. We were glad to have him. Dynamic job for our group. And as part of the program, we included round-table discussions with our owners that come from a very diverse group both geographically, and all walks of life, and the interaction was phenomenal. The way he laid out the topics and cultivated exchange is the best that we’ve seen in any national meeting to date.

Mike Brickner VP of Operations

“We could not be happier. Our members were engaged for 60 minutes straight and it was all due to how Ford delivered his presentation. His content is tailored to the crowd that day and he is able to adapt on the fly depending on what is the most engaging and most relevant.”

Ryan Farrell Association Executive Director

“Hi, I’m Donna Phelps. I’m the owner of Seasons on the Square in downtown Valparaiso. We’re women’s fashion. I’m at the Retail Summit in Grand Rapids and just finished up with Ford Saeks. He has explained more about social media and marketing in English that I can understand. I can take his processes and help create a better plan for my business.”

Donna Phelps Owner

“We booked Ford for our national convention and hoped he’d live up to all the hype we’d heard. We were wrong. He EXCEEDED the hype. Ford delivered the goods in spades. His keynote knocked it out-of-the-park and his break-out session was full to overflowing—not only with attendees, but with usable, salient, practical ideas for our members’ businesses.”

Cynthia Hereth Meeting Planner

“We had Ford come in and he was an awesome speaker and taught us all some really great techniques that we all get to take to our business. We’re all excited!”

Hilary Strasner CEO

“We have worked with professional Ford Saeks for more than 10 years as one of our most in-demand keynote speakers,  interactive group facilitators,  and tactical workshop trainers.  Ford is a ‘pros pro’ all the way!  He’s incredibly easy to work with and his ability to dive into our clients culture and learning objectives is unparalleled.  Ford strives to please our clients in any way possible – on site he is accommodating and participatory and his pre-program prep is incredible.  On the platform, Ford is dynamic and engaging and his stagecraft fantastic.   If you have not booked Ford yet, don’t wait!  He will not disappoint!”

Katrina Mitchell Owner

Ford is the hinge, which allowed me to open the door to professional success. Nobody else is even close. I’m a CEO of a company that’s all over the globe, and I travel a lot so I don’t have any time to waste. So, he tells me what he’s going to do, he does what he says, and if I have a question, he actually picks up the phone and I get to talk to him. And, he charges a fair wage for it. What’s not to like? You’ll see when you talk to him.”

Shawn Engbrecht CEO

“I am incredibly grateful for the impact Ford Saeks has made with my business in the two short weeks we’ve been working together. As the CEO of The Innovare Group, Inc., I knew I had gotten too close to my own work and needed an objective perspective to help me thread together what was feeling disconnected. I appreciate his approach and the clarity it has brought me already.”

Kim Bohr CEO

“Not only were Ford’s session’s filled to the back of the room—a clear demonstration of how much our franchisees valued Ford’s great content and dynamic delivery style—he did his homework and really understood our brand and our franchisees challenges in running their businesses day to day. We especially appreciated that Ford was willing to do whatever it took to do a great job and really connect with our franchisees.

Bridget Sypolt Director of Meetings

Robin Paul Marketing Manager

Mike Brickner VP of Operations

“Ford spoke to the franchise owners of our organization via zoom and it was incredibly educational, motivating and downright entertaining. I would highly recommend him as a speaker to any business organization where growth, profit and productivity are important goals. Easily the most engaging Zoom presentation I’ve ever attended!”

Catherine Chandler Franchise Owner

Ford Saeks’ virtual learning was full of hand-to-hand combat ideas for local store marketing in today’s unique environment.  I really connected with his story about being a regular guest in the Wichita market.  It was a great reminder about why we are in business and to remember that each guest has a store as to why they choose to spend their money in our stores.”

Joel Meyer Franchise Owner

“We hired Ford Saeks for a marketing consulting project for our company and we liked the results so much we hired him again specifically for improving our franchise sales. The bottom line is that I liked him so much as a speaker that we became a consulting client, twice!”

Roger J Murphy CEO & Founder

Robin Roberts CEO
Dave Kenyon Managing Partner

“Ford Saeks was our guest speaker at a recent Area Developer Retreat and our attendees absolutely LOVED him! His material was ‘spot-on’ for what we wanted delivered and his actionable take-aways truly resonated with our team.”

Karen Halman Director of Training

“Ford put much effort into understanding our company and developing a program that would successfully meet our objectives. His attention to detail and extensive preparation were impressive, and we look forward to inviting him back in the future.”

S. Erker Bank of America

“Ford Saeks was a speaker at our CarePatrol virtual conference and he was one of the best keynote speakers I have seen. He was motivating and entertaining. Cannot wait to read the book!” 

Erin Iglehart Franchise Business Consultant

“We just had Ford Saeks as a keynote speaker for our convention and I’m already hearing rave reviews. People are taking his ideas right now and figuring out how to take them back to work in their businesses so they can do great things with them. I highly recommend all of [Ford’s] work!”

Mike Ferretti President and CEO