Franchise Keynote Speaker – Ford Saeks

Top Franchise Brands Trust Ford to Help Their Franchisees Follow Their Systems and Improve Local Marketing Efforts to Accelerate Growth!

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Franchise Keynote Presentations for B2B & B2C Brands

Franchises Owners of all kinds are dealing with the same challenges…

  • Burnout and Stress
  • Changing Buyer Behaviors
  • Increased Local Competition
  • Generational Differences Leading to Management Issues
  • Staffing Challenges: Finding, Hiring, and Retaining Top Talent
  • There is Always Someone Cheaper
  • Attracting High-Value Customers
  • Franchise Relations
  • Leveraging the Tools Provided by Corporate

Success in franchising hinges on an understanding of its philosophy, streamlined processes, and the ability to engage and connect. Ford Saeks specializes in translating these core principles into actionable insights and compelling presentations, designed specifically for the franchising world. His expertise isn’t just theoretical; it’s practical and tailored to the distinctive needs of your franchise.

Through dynamic and interactive sessions, Ford not only shares knowledge but also cultivates an environment of enthusiasm and collaboration that boosts your overall performance.  

Ford Saeks – Franchise Training Solutions

Empowering Franchise Success: Insights, Engagement, and Growth

What makes Ford the top-choice speaker for franchises brands such as Subway, Papa Murphys, MTY Group, Comfort Keepers, Senior Helpers, OrangeTheory Fitness, Precision Door, Wine & Design, Learning Express Toys, Lawn Doctor, Gold’s Gym, Image360, and many others?

Ford Saeks has a diverse range of experience in multiple industries from retail, QSR, Fast-casual, Full-Service Dining, Residential and Commercial Services and has experience working with emerging franchise brands with under 100 units up large global brands with over 20,000 franchise locations.

Prior to the presentation, he works closely with you and your planning committee to capture your specific outcomes. Then he mystery shops a few of your locations of your choice, usually a few heroes and underperformers, to make sure the presentation is timely, topical, and relevant. He also becomes a third-party endorsement for key initiatives that you may want him to reinforce to your franchisees. Many brands have Ford also interview their Franchise Advisory Committee leadership for their insights too.

Ford uses a fun, interactive style to engage audiences with his valuable business wisdom. Participants leave Ford’s live and virtual sessions with tons of ideas and ready-to-implement action steps to produce immediate results. Whether Ford is delivering an opening keynote, virtual event, or leading an interactive breakout session, all of his presentations are customized for YOUR THEME and OUTCOMES.


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Most Requested Topics

All programs are customized for YOUR theme and outcomes.

Unleashing the Power of AI for Any Role in Business
What You Need to Know Now
Superpower Success

Unleash Your Inner Superhero To Bust Through Barriers & Ignite High Performance

Business Growth Acceleration

A Franchisee Guide to Maximize Your Findability, Accountability, and Profitability

Local Marketing Mastery

Leveraging Your Brand To Build Relationships & Skyrocket Your Sales

Futureproofing the Talent Galaxy

Unraveling the Secrets to a Sustainable, High-Impact Workforce

Your Digital Footprint Needs New Shoes

Driving Traffic and Building Your Online Reputation to Grow Your Franchise Business

Remarkable Customer Engagement

Creating a Customer-Centric Culture That Drives Repeat & Referral Sales

Just a few of the Top Brands and Organizations Who Trust Ford to Help Accelerate Their Results!

Five Star Franchising
The Maids
Home Franchise Concepts
Garage Living
GO Mini’s
Choice Hotels Owner Council
Edible Arrangements
U.S. Army
Brightway Insurance
Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
Duck Donuts
Orange Theory
US Lawns
Comfort Keepers
Senior Helpers
Granite Transformations
Liberty Tax
Buffalo Wings
Care Patrol
Papa Murphy’s
Retail Success Summit
snap on
lawn doctor
Entrepreneurs` Organization

About Ford Saeks

Franchise Keynote Speaker

  • Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker
  • Franchise Consultant
  • Over 25 Years of Franchise Experience
  • Research-Based Thought Leader
  • Author of 5 business books
  • 1,500+ Keynotes Delivered Globally
  • Founder of 3 Multi-Million Dollar Companies
  • Climbed a Himalayan mountain and named it after fallen soldiers

5 Reasons Why You Need a Franchise Keynote Speaker With Experience

When you’re planning an event for your franchisees, it’s essential to choose the right keynote speaker that doesn’t put your event at risk.
An experienced franchise keynote speaker can help your owners understand the importance of following your systems and how to expand their local brand awareness.

  • Ford understands franchising. The franchisor wants their franchisees to follow their systems and take personal accountability for their local marketing and success.
  • He provides valuable insights on growing a franchise business.
  • His presentations are engaging and relevant to address today’s top challenges.
  • Ford has helped thousands of franchisees increase performance, improve the customer experience, and increase sales.
  • As the opening keynote speaker, he will kick off your conference with a bang. As the closing keynote speaker, he will ensure your Zees leave with a prioritized massive action plan.

A Great Gift for Attendees

Ford Saeks is a business author with your success in mind. His books offer expert advice, action steps and other useful takeaways for the motivated entrepreneur, business owner, CEO, marketing professional, and manager.