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Think About This

No matter where you’re at now, there is someplace you want to go with the growth and success of your business.

In every situation,

There is a GAP and people feel that GAP is truly unique to them.

Organizations are dealing with…

  • Increased competition
  • Struggling to retain top talent
  • Disruption from many directions

Leap Ahead

I’ve worked with top organizations throughout the world, small and large, from start-ups to billion-dollar brands, helping them produce higher levels of personal and professional success.

Move forward… Faster

The GAP always comes down to one or more of these three areas — mindset, strategy, or tactics…

The Accelerated Growth SystemTM


Unleash your team’s superpowers to overcome obstacles. All the strategies and tactics in the world won’t help if we sabotage our success.


Its more important than ever to have an effective strategy and follow your systems. Because without a strategy its easy to get off track and never get where we want to go.


All the strategies in the world wont help if our tactics aren’t in alignment with our strategic vision. With an overwhelming number of options it’s essential to identify and implement relevant tactics to maximize results.

Ramp Up Results

Once you are clear on the gap and put the right mindset, strategies, and tactics into place, the results are extraordinary. The Accelerated Growth SystemTM uncovers the path and the processes to drive exponential growth year after year.








The Accelerated Growth System™ was developed over a career of successful business operations and working with top brands around the globe.

It was forged during Ford Saeks’ first success at age 15. He further developed the system over a career as a serial entrepreneur, founder of ten companies, and CEO of Prime Concepts Group, a creative marketing agency.

In the process, Ford secured three patents for product innovations, authored multiple books and was awarded numerous industry awards, including induction into the National Speakers Hall of Fame.

Today, over 500,000 CEOs, business owners, and executives have been trained in the Accelerated Growth System™, leading to more than $1 billion in sales worldwide.

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Take a Page Out of Ford’s Book

Ford Saeks is a business author with your success in mind. His books offer expert advice, action steps and other useful takeaways for the motivated entrepreneur, business owner, CEO, marketing professional, and manager.

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