Employment Strategies to
Drive Business Growth

We surveyed over 1,100 prospective hires and employees to see what they think about important employment issues so we can give YOU the edge in navigating the current staffing market.

Get the inside scoop straight from the American workforce, along with practical strategies on how to overcome these critical issues.


・Repair a Toxic Culture

・Improve Retainment Rates

・Attract New Hires Online

・and much more…


  • Repair a Toxic Culture
  • Improve Retainment Rates
  • Attract New Hires Online
  • and much more…


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Here Are a Few Key Highlights…


Ignore Culture at Your Own Risk

63% of employees believe that a toxic work environment is the most influential reason why people leave a job.

There’s no doubt that a healthy corporate culture is instrumental for success. But what happens when things go south and the toxicity spreads? If you ignore the problem, it will ultimately lead to higher turnover rates, HR nightmares, and a less productive organization.


Why Employees Stay

74% of employees report that personal satisfaction at work is the top reason employees stay at a job.

Our research study found that personal satisfaction is the number one reason why employees stay at a job for longer periods of time.

While money and benefits are always important, it’s clear that workers are looking for more from their careers than just a paycheck. If you’re looking to keep your top talent from jumping ship, make sure your company offers a positive work culture and plenty of opportunities for growth.


Attracting Gen Z Employees

56% of young adults value freedom over pay.

A majority of Gen Z participants report that having control over where they work and when they work is more important than their salary, the highest of any generation.


Compensation is Still a Key Factor

57% of all adults value salary above all other factors.

When it comes to finding a new job, salary and benefits are the top priorities for most applicants today. Our research shows that over half of respondents reported that compensation was the most important factor when considering a new opportunity. That’s not surprising, given that wages have been stagnant for years and many households are struggling today.

Employment Strategies to Drive Business Growth Special Report

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