An Engaged Customer’s Anatomy

Aug 31, 2016

What makes up an engaged customer? We’ve put together an easy guide to identify and help encourage engaged customers. First it starts with learning what an engaged customer believes and does.

An Engaged Customer…

1. Believes the Company Will Deliver on Promises

On a very basic level, they trust the brand and want to deepen their ties and connection. They will take steps to become closer because this customer knows their brand will always do what they say they will. Gallup found that “only half of customers believe that the companies they do business with always deliver on what they promise.” So if you can position your brand as a company that will deliver, you’ll find yourself with customers in the better half of that group. How do you get there? It’s all about trust. It’s the foundation and prerequisite for getting that deeper engagement with customers. They want improved experiences with brands that consistently deliver on their fundamental brand promise. When they get that, customers stick around.

2. Is Proud to be a Company Customer

Not only do engaged customers interact with companies they trust, but they also stack pride on the relationship. They even welcome communications from the brand and are seven times more likely to “always respond to this brand’s promotional offers.” That willingness to deepen the relationship even extends beyond the products they already love – they are six times more likely to say they would “try a new product or service from the brand as soon as it becomes available.” They’re even more likely to overlook the occasional shortcoming when it comes to higher prices, a barrier to purchase, or a negative experience. Their pride in their interactions with the company mean they are committed and will buy anyway.

3. Identifies with the Ideal Customer Profile

The highly engaged customer sees themselves in every marketing initiative you put forth, because you have them so well-pegged in your customer profile. And you want these customers too. A recent study by Rosetta found that highly engaged consumers buy 90% more frequently, spend 60% more per transaction and are five times more likely to indicate it is the only brand they would purchase from in the future.

4. Is Attached Emotionally

Highly engaged customers connect personally with a brand. That connection is built from experiences that encourage affinity with the company’s ethos. They recognize that a brand understands their personal needs and reflects their personal identity. This applies not only to how they see themselves but also how they want others to see them. How can you help foster this connection?  Reach out to customers for their feedback on everything from a new product release to your latest marketing campaign. If and when you implement their suggestions, they’ll feel valued. 

5. Is Loyal in Rational Ways

The tangible and intangible value they receive from the brand outweighs any effort or cost they expend in being a loyal customer. For them, it is about getting something out of the deal, and they do. They get a tangible product or service and with that comes an intangible value they’ve perceived from their pride about and emotional attachment to the brand.

6. Advocates Vocally for the Brand

An advocate emerges from a history of positive interactions and experiences with a brand. They tell their friends, their family, and their social media connections about how much they love the brand. They share all of your new products and promotions. They want those they care about to have a similarly amazing experience to theirs. They also want the status and credibility that comes from being the one to know about and recommend a great service. How can you encourage their referrals? Make the process smooth and transparent and then reward them for making the introduction. You can share their positive experiences too. If you see something they posted about you on Twitter or Facebook, share it on your social media and then thank them for their contributions. Customers will likely be thrilled that you’ve promoted their online profiles in the process. Win-win!

Author: Ford Saeks, Business Growth Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant. Helping you find, attract, and keep your customers. Find out more about Ford


  1. Wendy Keller

    Gosh, this would make a great book! Or part of one.

    • Ford Saeks

      Thanks Wendy! We’re getting things moving in that department!


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