Elevate Your Marketing Campaigns and Customize Your Content with AI Tools

Standing out in a saturated market just got easier. AI keeps advancing, and I want to share a few new tools with you.

Have you heard of Hey Gen or Gan.AI? They’re tools that can revolutionize your marketing efforts. How?

    • You can create custom videos – no fancy studio, camera, or lighting required.
    • You can generate professional assets that market products or services with a few clicks.
    • You can create a custom response when people join your email list to engage prospects.
    • You can get beautiful imagery for your brand without turning to a graphic designer.

Sound like something that could help your marketing efforts? If you still aren’t convinced, let me break down each of these tools:

Hey Gen

Hey Gen is an AI-driven tool designed for generating text-based content into video content across various applications. It excels in natural language understanding and response, making it ideal for automating and enhancing written communication tasks. Useful for creating emails, content, or customer responses, Hey Gen adapts to various writing styles and contexts, ensuring accurate and contextually appropriate outputs.


Gan.AI, short for Generative Adversarial Networks AI, is an advanced AI technology focused on generating unique and imaginative visual content. It excels in creating images of products, scenarios, or concepts that don’t yet exist. This tool is invaluable for visualizing future products, enhancing creative marketing materials, and providing dynamic visual content for websites and social media.

Practical Ways to Use These Tools in Your Campaigns
  1. Custom Emails That Connect: You’re sending out a newsletter. Instead of generic stock photos, use Gan.AI to create custom video messages. Gan.AI turns one video recording into thousands of unique, viewer-specific videos, so they feel connected to you. Use just one video of yourself, and within minutes, send a real-human video to your whole list! See it in action


  2. Enhancing Video Content for a Global Audience: Use Hey Gen to transform your English video content into multiple languages, broadening your reach to a global audience. It goes beyond mere translation by adapting scripts to reflect cultural nuances and local expressions, ensuring your message resonates with each target market. This feature is essential for businesses looking to globalize their brand and engage diverse audiences! See it in action.

Tips to Keep It Real and Effective
    • Stay True to Your Brand: Ensure these AI creations align with what your brand stands for.
    • Mix Real with AI: Balance is key. Blend AI-generated content with real-life images and stories.
    • Track What Works: Keep an eye on how these tools are impacting your campaigns. Adapt based on what resonates with your audience.
    • Stay on Your Toes: AI is always evolving. Keep up to stay ahead.

Think of them as more than just tools; they’re your partners in creating marketing campaigns that speak directly to your audience.

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Jan 4, 2024

Author: Ford Saeks, Business Growth Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant. Helping you find, attract, and keep your customers. Find out more about Ford


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