Building Social Proof Using Video Testimonials

May 17, 2017

Now why are testimonials so important? Because people trust their friends and what they see more than they trust your advertisements or your promotions. Most of you have probably
captured testimonials, maybe in print, but there are all different types of testimonials. You know, like your reviews on Google. Those are testimonials. Maybe you’re using Angie’s List or Yelp.

Testimonials are our topic for this episode of Fordify. Watch the video or read the transcript below to learn more.

How Do I Get Video Testimonials?

Today we’re really going to look at how do you leverage the power of video testimonials? Video testimonials are great because they engage the senses. It works because they hear it, see it, and actually even feel it, depending upon how you’re conveying the testimonial online. Now, you may think that capturing video testimonial is difficult, but you already have all the tools. They’re sitting right in front of you. I guarantee, your cellphone’s probably real close to you, right? Well, you likely have a smartphone that has a camera and it has the ability to take video, which is easy to do and that’s the key.

We’re going to go into this and show you exactly how easy this is, right now. Now here’s a key tip about video testimonials. When you’re taking video with your cellphone that you don’t take it vertically. You turn horizontal, which is 16 by 9. This is how I want you to use your cell phone when you capture video.

So now that you understand the importance of filming horizontal testimonials, let’s do an example right now.

“Hey, this is Ford Saeks. I just want to give a quick shout-out to Image 360. You know, those guys were amazing. I went in looking for window graphics but after they did that, they helped me with a wall mural and also, trade show graphics. So if you’re a small business and you’re interested in getting graphics printed and used for your business, I highly recommend Image 360. They’ve done a great job for me and I know I’ll do a great job for you, too.”

People Will Forgive Poor Video but They Won’t Forgive Poor Audio

I Rig MicrophoneSo let’s take a quick look at the microphone that I use. It’s called an iRig. You can get this on Amazon or at Best Buy. It’s designed for cellphones. Of course, if you have an iPhone 7 you just put a little adapter in it and you just plug it in the bottom of your phone. You have to remember, it has to be a cell phone mic, because your input on your phone has both headphones and microphone, so it has to be a cell phone microphone.

Brand Your Testimonials
Digital Print Custom Mic Flag

Now, another thing that I’ve done is I’ve got this quick little branding piece. It’s called a mic flag. You put your microphone through it and it gives you branding. Now, these come in all different shapes and sizes and you can get them customized. You can check these out at Now, of course, I don’t own the company but that’s the place I get my mic flags from.

So the point is, in 30 seconds, using my cell phone and an external microphone, I was able to give them a testimonial. Now, again, you need to apply this to your business. What type of business do you have? But you have the tool. If nothing else, use your cell phone. I would recommend though that you get an external microphone.

Treat Testimonials Like Spices, Like Salt and Pepper

So once you’ve captured the testimonials, what do you do with them? You want to sprinkle them in relevant places on your website that make sense. So if I have a testimonial for speaking, I’m going to put it on my speaking page. If I have a testimonial for our eCommerce transformations, I’m going to put it there. You get the point. So whatever you get the testimonial on, think about where the best use would be.

Use Testimonials on Your Social Media Channels

Testimonials are not just for your website. For sure, you should upload them to your YouTube channel. If you don’t have a YouTube channel, whole other episode. Get one and put the video testimonials up on your YouTube channel. Create a playlist so it’s really easy to add them. You can also add them to Facebook or share them on LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Share Testimonials With Your Prospects

Now, you might be the type of company, like I just met with an attorney this morning, and he may not want to put all his testimonials online. Or maybe you’re the type of business that doesn’t want to publicly share who your customers are. I get that. Then create a hidden landing page and then when you’re done with a sales meeting, email the prospect afterwards and say, “Hey, thanks for meeting with me this morning. I’m going to send you a link where you can watch what other clients are saying.” So it can be a hidden page. So it’s either public, social media, or maybe on a hidden page that you’re using privately to send certain people to. Make sense? Good.

Create a Video Testimonial Sizzle Reel

Now once you’ve collected a few video testimonials and they might be anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute long, I realize that most people probably aren’t gonna sit through and watch, you know, 10 or 12 testimonials in a row. So here’s an idea for you. Once you’ve captured a few, create a sizzle reel.

Now here’s what you do. Anyone who gives a testimonial is always going to follow the same basic format. Hi, here’s my name, I experienced X, and thank you. So it’s always hi, here was my experience, and thank you. So what you do is you cut it into a sizzle reel where you take several video testimonials and you cut the beginning from all of them.

Hi, hello.
Hi, my name is…
Hi, hi, hi.
Then you put the middles together.

I learned,

I experienced,

It was great working with…

It was a great product and great service…
And then you put the endings together.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now just to give you an example, I want you to listen and watch this next 1-minute video testimonial sizzle reel that I put together and I want you to pay attention to the concept and the different segments and how I did the edits.

Now, wasn’t that more effective than having to sit through 8 or 9 separate 1-minute long or 2-minute testimonials? Again, that’s an advanced tip, but don’t use that as an excuse. Start simple, get complicated later.

Make Capturing Video Testimonials Part of Your Culture

Now, of course, it’s easy for your salespeople. They should be doing video testimonials. But your customer service team on board too, especially if you are delivering a product or service, either in a retail environment or personally to clients. If clients come into your store and they buy something, that’s a great chance to get a testimonial. Have one of the microphones sitting near the counter and when someone comes up and they’re all elated about their purchase, you can say, “Hey, would you mind if I capture that as a testimonial?” Or, of course, if it’s a repeat customer that keeps coming back to you more often, those are easy ones because they already love you and know you and you can say, “You know, I noticed you’ve been in here several times. Would you mind me capturing a testimonial of why you keep working with us or coming back or buying from us?” And make that part of your culture because it will transform your social proof and trust.

Now, this stuff really does work. I was recently at the REI website trying to pick out a backpack for a Himalayan trip I’m going on and I was trying to determine which one I should buy. And it was the video testimonials that helped me make the right decision.

So get into the comments below and share an experience where a testimonial, hopefully a video testimonial, helped you build trust and make a buying decision.

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Author: Ford Saeks, Business Growth Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant. Helping you find, attract, and keep your customers. Find out more about Ford


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