90-Day Strategic Accelerator Program

In the Business Growth Accelerator 90-day Program, you get:

  • Three months of access to Ford for personalized consultations, typically conducted in a phone, video ZOOM® conference each week as schedule permits;
  • Combinations of electronic hot-seats or strategy sessions via email or phone as schedule permits;
  • Private online access to our PCG project management tracking system “Teamwork®” that allows you to upload files, coordinate communications and collaborate with Ford Saeks and team.
  • Special 25% off rates on other PCG professional services not covered under this program, such as, graphic design, web development, video production, digital marketing, copywriting projects, and;
  • May renew at the same rate and term without price increases.
  • 90 days of consulting services for $15,000* USD

*You may freeze the program without penalty; certain conditions apply. For example, you’ll get so many ideas in the sessions you may need time to implement them or have scheduling conflicts. It’s about the tremendous value, not the hours. If you are concerned about the hours, you’re probably not right for Ford’s consulting sessions.

Ready to be a part of Ford’s Business Growth Accelerator 90-day Program? Call us directly at (316) 844-0235 or contact us online and let’s talk.

TERMS: Non-Refundable Program: You assume 100% Responsibility for Your Actions, Success, and Decisions. Entering into this consulting program is entirely based on this covenant that you have acknowledged that you accept 100% responsibility for your actions (or lack of actions), your success, and your decisions.

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In no event shall “Prime Concepts Group Inc.” or its employees, officers, consultants or subcontractors of any tier be liable in contract, tort, strict liability, warranty or otherwise, for any special, incidental or consequential damages, such as, but not limited to, delay, disruption, loss of product, loss of anticipated profits or revenue, loss of use of the equipment or system, non – operation or increased expense of operation of other equipment or systems, cost of capital, or cost of purchase or replacement equipment systems. Consulting services are non-refundable. Some jurisdictions do not allow excluding or limiting implied warranties or limiting liability for incidental or consequential damages, and some jurisdictions have special statutory consumer protection provisions which may supersede the foregoing disclaimers and limitations. As a result, these disclaimers and/or limitations may not apply to you if prohibited by law.