Accelerate: A Franchisee’s Guide to Dominate Local Markets and Increase Sustainable Sales

Accelerate is designed to help you reignite your passion, people, and processes, in alignment with your brand’s standards. The strategies, tactics, and advice in this book will help you and your team improve your leadership, local marketing & sales, and operations, results no matter which camp you fall into.

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Accelerate! is a Franchisee’s Guide to Dominate Your Local Markets and Increase Sustainable Sales covers over 101 ways that franchise owners can implement, in alignment with their brand, to influence, engage, and convert new buyers.  You’ll discover how to cultivate the success mindset, dominate your local market, create a referral culture, and grow your franchise business.  Writing by business growth expert and hall of fame keynote speaker, Ford Saeks.  who specializes in helping franchisees dominate their local markets, enhance the customer experience, and improve business success.  His efforts have helped companies generate a total of over a billion dollars in sales worldwide.  From startups to Fortune 500s, Saeks is widely recognized as a business growth accelerator.  With over three decades of franchise experience (ranging from retail to wholesale), he has founded ten companies, authored five books, awarded three U.S. patents, and received numerous industry awards.  From grassroots to Google, Ford provides audiences with fresh perspectives and doable tactics to resolve marketing, operations, and growth challenges.

Volume Discounts Available: This book makes a great addition to your brand’s success library, new franchisee onboarding, and giveaway at your convention.  If you’re interested in bulk discounts, please contact the publisher at 1-800-946-7804 or 316-942-1111

Franchise Keynote & Training Presentations: Finding the right franchise speaker for your national convention or regional meeting can be challenging. Franchisers want their franchisees to engage their systems and use the tools available to them. As a neutral expert that becomes your third-party endorsement, Ford Saeks creatively wraps your specific franchise outcomes along with actionable takeaways within the context of his presentations.  He’s available for:

ON-STAGE – In-Person Keynote with Book Signing Options
ON-SCREEN – Livestream Virtual Presentation
ON-DEMAND – Prerecorded Custom Keynote or Training with Live Q&A