Turning Startup Dreams into a Billion-Dollar Reality with John Hewitt

Jan 25, 2024

Struggling to scale your startup?

Entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts often struggle with the challenge of scaling their startups. In this episode of Fordify LIVE! The Business Growth Show, host Ford Saeks sits down with the legendary John Hewitt to uncover the strategies that turned his visions into the powerhouse brands of Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax.

On this episode they discuss,

  • Foundational Strategies: Insights from John’s journey of founding and scaling major tax preparation franchises.
  • Cultivating a Winning Culture: Essential elements for building a productive and loyal team.
  • Business Innovative: John’s perspective on embracing change and driving business growth.

This episode stands out as a crucial resource for entrepreneurs seeking to grow their businesses. It’s filled with practical advice and inspiring success stories, offering a comprehensive look into John Hewitt’s journey and strategies. The insights provided are particularly valuable for those aiming to scale their ventures and achieve significant milestones in their business endeavors.

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About John Hewitt:

John Hewitt is a distinguished American entrepreneur, acclaimed for founding Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax, two of the top retail chains in North America. Born in Detroit and raised in Hamburg, New York, Hewitt’s entrepreneurial journey began at H&R Block, leading to the creation of his innovative tax preparation companies. His ventures, characterized by groundbreaking software and customer-focused services, have earned him numerous accolades, including Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and International Franchise Association’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Hewitt’s commitment extends beyond business; he’s actively involved in philanthropy, notably in the fight against world hunger. His book, “ICompete,” and his place in several Business Halls of Fame, highlight his significant contributions to entrepreneurship and the tax industry.

Find out more about him here: Loyalty Brands

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