The Best Steps to Stay Relevant in Business with Ramzi Daklouche of Edible Arrangements

Sep 28, 2023

The iconic brand Edible Arrangements has delivered beautifully crafted fruit designs for 25 years. How does an established company like Edible Arrangements continue innovating and remain relevant for the next generation?

On a recent episode of the Business Growth podcast, host Ford Saeks sat down with Edible’s Chief Stores Officer Ramzi Daklouche to discuss their forward-thinking “next gen” strategy.

How To Stay Relevant In Business:

  • Stay relevant by continuously innovating – Edible Arrangements has stayed relevant for 25 years by continuously evolving its product offerings beyond just fruit arrangements to include platters, cakes, flowers, plush toys etc. This innovation keeps customers engaged.
  • Meet customers where they are – Leverage third party platforms like Uber Eats and DoorDash to make your product easily accessible. Edible launched with these platforms to capture new audiences.
  • Focus on the customer experience – Edible has an incredible 99.7% on-time delivery rate. This focus on optimizing the customer experience builds loyalty and trust.
  • Market around everyday moments – Edible’s new “There’s an Edible for That” campaign shifts the perception from gifts for holidays/special occasions to gifts for everyday life moments.
  • Give franchisees local marketing support – Provide franchisees the tools, resources and guidance to maximize local in-person and digital marketing. This is key for multi-location businesses.

Edible Arrangements provides a fantastic case study of a brand embracing evolution to keep providing value. As Daklouche shared, the keys are constant innovation, optimizing customer experience, shifting marketing messaging, and supporting franchisees’ local growth. For any business leader looking to future-proof their company, this episode is required listening. Tune in to gain marketing and customer experience tips that will help you continually delight your customers.

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Meet Ramzi: Edible was founded in 1999 with one deliciously different idea: a fruit bouquet. Since then, we’ve grown into America’s favorite gifting brand, with over 1,000 franchise locations, a world-class eCommerce function and millions of customers every year. Through all that growth, one thing hasn’t changed: our commitment to helping people celebrate what’s good in life!

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