Maximizing Productivity and Culture in the Workplace with Maura Thomas

Feb 1, 2024

Are You Struggling to Boost Productivity Without Increasing Headcount?

In this episode of Fordify LIVE! The Business Growth Show, host Ford Saeks engages with Maura Thomas, a thought leader in workplace productivity and culture. Together, they debunk common myths about ‘doing more with less’ and provide transformative strategies for enhancing productivity and culture in your organization.

 Ford and Maura discuss:

  • Strategies for enhancing productivity without increasing workforce.
  • Understanding attention management vs. time management
  • Tips for cultivating a positive, productive workplace culture.
  • Insights into managing workplace distractions and preventing burnout.

Maura sheds light on the myths surrounding ‘doing more with less’ and offers practical tips on how to foster a culture that supports both personal efficiency and team dynamics. This episode is particularly relevant for business leaders and managers seeking to improve their teams’ productivity and overall workplace atmosphere.

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About Maura Thomas:
Maura is a renowned speaker, author, and authority on achieving more success with less stress. Her book “Everyone Wants to Work Here” has been influential in shaping modern workplace cultures. Maura’s approach blends attention management, empowerment, and actionable strategies, making her a sought-after expert in enhancing workplace productivity and culture. Maura has dedicated over two decades to helping individuals and teams at companies of all sizes achieve significant results and maintain a healthy work-life balance. As a TEDx Speaker, Certified Speaking Professional, and published author, her expertise is widely recognized. Maura’s approach is grounded in the belief that success is not just about professional achievements but also about personal well-being.

For more insights into her work and philosophy, visit her website

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