How to Lead With Integrity With Anita Greenwood

Oct 19, 2023

What does ethical leadership look like in action? How can managers inspire teams without manipulation? In a world desperate for more conscious leaders, these questions matter.

On a recent episode of The Business Growth Show, host Ford Saeks and his guest, leadership expert Anita Greenwood, explored practical tips for developing ethical influence. Their insightful conversation revealed key areas of self-work every leader must embrace.

Anita and Ford discussed the importance of self-awareness, understanding motivations, and studying potential triggers. They also explored critical relationships between leaders and team members, and between a leader’s current state and desired future state.

This discussion provided a moral compass for anyone seeking to lead with integrity. It addressed the fundamental paradox of getting buy-in from others while remaining ethical.

How to Lead With Integrity:

  • Know yourself as a leader. Reflect on your strengths, weaknesses, motivations and triggers. Self-awareness is key.
  • Learn about others on your team. Understand their motivations, interests and strengths. Build bridges between yourself and your team members.
  • Use assessments wisely. Assessments like Myers-Briggs and 360 reviews can provide helpful data points, but should not be used as the only input.
  • Mind the gap. Identify where you are now as a leader, where you want to go, and what’s between. Be intentional about closing the gap through strategies and experimentation.
  • Influence ethically. Provide the right information so others can make good decisions. Appeal to both emotions and economics when pitching ideas or proposals.

Leading with heart requires dedication to self-work, ethical relationships, and moral courage. Anita and Ford’s wisdom provides a guiding light for managers seeking to inspire teams the right way. Their insights encourage looking inward at motivations, outward at team connections, and onward towards growth and integrity.

In a world desperate for conscious leadership, episodes like this one provide hope. The frameworks and tips shared by Anita and Ford are critical tools in crafting an enlightened path forward. One where leaders act as ethical role models worthy of trust and followership.

By taking these lessons to heart, managers can develop the influence needed to guide teams—without compromising values. They can become the principled leaders we need.

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Meet Anita: Anita Greenwood is an Executive Coach  dedicated to the advancement of diverse, high impact, powerhouse leaders who deliver results and obtain the success they aspire to while inspiring others.

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