How to Use AI and Generative AI to Get in Front of the Right People, Right Now with Sam Richter

Nov 13, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming businesses, but do you really know how to harness its power?

Artificial intelligence is exploding. Pioneering companies are already using AI to disrupt entire industries overnight. Make sure you’re ready to leverage these exponential technologies to rapidly grow your business.

In this paradigm-shifting Business Growth Show episode, hosts Ford Saeks and Sam Richter reveal insider secrets on harnessing AI for maximum impact.

How to Use AI and Generative AI to Get in Front of the Right People, Right Now:

  • A step-by-step blueprint for AI integration. Ford and Sam outline critical steps like treating AI as an intern, prompting properly with goals and context, training AI through complex conversations, and demanding justification of answers.
  • How to avoid disastrous AI mistakes. Mistakes discussed include lacking transparency on AI-written content, security flaws from broad AI data access, and ethical failures like biased algorithms.
  • Real-world examples of AI-powered growth. Examples like automated video translation and personalized outreach shown how AI achieves exponential gains in marketing, sales, and operations.
  • Tips on building an AI competency . Recommendations include designating internal AI experts, continuously education, prioritizing human skills like empathy, and developing ethical guidelines and privacy regulations.

You can no longer delay your AI strategy. This episode provides the targeted guidance you need to successfully ride the AI wave surging through the global economy. Apply these proven insights now to supercharge your growth.

The time to embrace AI is now. This episode has equipped you with exclusive access to expert advice for leveraging artificial intelligence.

With the right approach, your growth can rapidly accelerate beyond your expectations. But you must act quickly, as competitors pursue AI domination.

Strike now to maximize this unprecedented opportunity for exponential growth via artificial intelligence. The future starts today.

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Meet Sam: Sam is a distinguished Hall of Fame speaker renowned for his expertise in digital information. Sam is the only professional speaker who not only helps you discover the power of online intelligence, he also builds the AI and ChatGPT intel resources to ensure you experience immediate success. Throughout his career, he has crafted innovative programs and technology for both start-up companies and some of the world’s most recognized brands.

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