The Secret to Changing Behavior for Increased Results with Don Schmincke

Aug 17, 2023

Have you ever wondered what it truly takes to alter human behavior and drive substantial results?

In a world where many talk about this, but only a few seem to succeed, the quest for understanding the keys to changing behavior for enhanced outcomes remains an intriguing puzzle. Join us in this episode of the Business Growth Show, as Ford Saeks delves into this fascinating topic with the renowned expert on strategic leadership, Don Schmincke. With over 700 CEOs and executives trained annually, Don brings a wealth of knowledge on the matter. The conversation explores strategies that work, those that don’t, and the importance of rallying a cohesive team willing to brave challenges and sacrifice for a shared cause.

How to Change Behavior for Increased Results:

  • Shift from Tactical to Strategic:
    Many strategic plans fail because they are treated as tactical plans rather than true strategic initiatives.
    True strategy involves altering beliefs, intuition, and the ability to outmaneuver challenges by tapping into one’s deep understanding of the purpose and the path to victory.
  • Harness the Power of Intuition:
    Intuition plays a pivotal role in winning strategies. Companies that thrive often use intuition to outwit challenges and competitors, rather than solely relying on analytical approaches.
    Intuition allows leaders to make decisions that go beyond traditional norms and create innovative solutions.
  • Compelling Saga and Passionate Communication:
    Crafting a compelling saga is essential for uniting a team around a shared purpose. This story should make individuals believe in something greater than themselves, invoking a sense of formidability and the need to collaborate.
    Passionate communication about the saga can fuel the willingness to suffer and sacrifice for the cause, forging a team that is dedicated to achieving remarkable results.
  • Bravery and Honor Over Happiness:
    The focus on creating “happy employees” can sometimes overshadow the importance of cultivating bravery, honor, and commitment.
    A team that is willing to suffer and sacrifice together, united by bravery and honor, can outperform teams driven solely by a pursuit of happiness.
  • Strategy Defined by Winning and Execution:
    Developing a winning strategy requires clear definition and understanding of what “winning” means for the organization.
    Successful execution of this strategy involves outmaneuvering competitors, understanding the battlefield, and identifying the enemy.
  • Shared Understanding and Compelling Saga:
    The entire team needs to understand and believe in the strategy. A shared understanding of the battlefield, goals, and approach is crucial for effective execution.
    The compelling saga acts as a rallying point, inspiring individuals to join forces and contribute to a collective victory.
  • Leverage Tribal Grouping Instincts:
    Humans have naturally grouped together for millions of years. Leveraging this tribal instinct in organizational culture can lead to stronger alignment and more effective communication.
    Triggering these instincts helps in building a cohesive team that is bound by a shared sense of purpose and unity.

In the quest to change behavior and achieve remarkable results, Don Schmincke emphasizes the importance of a strategic mindset, intuitive decision-making, and a cohesive team united by bravery and honor. By understanding the power of beliefs, fostering a compelling saga, and harnessing tribal instincts, organizations can unlock the potential to not only succeed but thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

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