Increasing Engagement with True Social Selling with LinkedIn Expert Richard Bliss

Jun 8, 2023

What does social selling really mean? In today’s digital age, social media has become a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their target audience and drive growth.

In a recent episode of the Business Growth Show, host Ford Saeks interviewed social selling expert Richard Bliss to explore the intricacies of LinkedIn and how it sets itself apart from other social media platforms. If you’re looking to boost your engagement and build meaningful connections with business professionals, this episode will unveil the secrets of true social selling on LinkedIn. During their conversation, Ford Saeks and Richard Bliss highlighted some key insights that can revolutionize your approach to social selling on LinkedIn.

How to Increase Engagement with True Social Selling on LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn’s Unique Business Model: Unlike other social media platforms driven by advertising revenue, LinkedIn operates on a subscription model. Approximately 80% of its revenue comes from paying customers who access premium tools like LinkedIn Premium, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn Recruiter. Understanding this distinction is vital because it affects how you should engage and interact on the platform.
  • Focus on Conversations, Not Marketing Speak: LinkedIn’s primary objective is to foster conversations among business professionals. Unlike other platforms where marketing content may suffice, LinkedIn rewards content that sparks genuine discussions. Instead of relying on visually appealing images or graphics, prioritize text-only posts that provoke engagement and prompt meaningful dialogue.
  • The Power of Starting Conversations: The LinkedIn algorithm favors posts that generate conversations among professionals. When your content prompts thoughtful comments and interactions, LinkedIn will extend its reach to a wider audience. To increase your visibility and engagement, aim for posts that naturally initiate conversations and encourage genuine dialogue among your network.
  • Avoiding Manipulative Practices: While some individuals resort to artificial means, such as comment pods, to trigger algorithmic boosts, it’s essential to prioritize authentic engagement. Genuine conversations and interactions hold more value on LinkedIn. Avoid practices that merely aim to accumulate likes or superficial comments without fostering meaningful dialogue.
  • Leveraging Relevant Visuals: While text-only posts are generally recommended for sparking conversations, there are instances where relevant visuals can enhance engagement. If an image or video directly supports the conversation you want to initiate, use it strategically. However, avoid relying solely on visuals that may not prompt active participation from your audience.

Understanding the intricacies of social selling on LinkedIn can transform your approach to building connections and expanding your brand’s reach. By prioritizing conversations, utilizing text-based posts, and fostering authentic interactions, you can leverage the true power of social selling on LinkedIn. Take these insights from Richard Bliss and Ford Saeks to heart and start engaging with your network in a way that sparks meaningful conversations and cultivates long-lasting professional relationships.

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Meet Richard Bliss:

Richard Bliss is a LinkedIn Top Voices Influencer, an experienced executive communications manager, and a social media coach. He has helped thousands of people master social media tools and become fluent in social conversations, building their platforms and confidence to effectively reach their audience, define their brand vision and strategies, and develop high-caliber sales teams. In addition to working with businesses and organizations in the US, he’s consulted startups and high-growth technology firms around the world.

A former executive vice president of marketing for eighteen years, and an award-winning pioneer in technology, collaboration, and cloud computing, Richard has appeared on CNN, GMA, and other major media outlets. He shifted his attention to social media when he founded the podcast Funding the Dream, which became a leading voice in the crowdfunding space. Today, Richard continues to empower others through his weekly newsletter and podcast, which reach over 45,000 subscribers.

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